Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment Reviews
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Some movies, especially movies series get good ratings, will attract the attention of developers to work on the version of the game. This also applies to one of the Japanese animated series, Sword Art Online. For those who do not know, this is an animated series about a game VRMMORPG. Playstation Vita platform has the chance to the arrival of Sword Art Online - Hollow Fragment game. Is this game worth your play?

Sword Art Online - Hollow Fragment is the second series of the Sword Art Online franchise. However, players will not be made confusion in terms of the story as it follows the story of the anime version. There are lot of place you can visit to buy this game, for example Anime Bibly sells lots of products for Sword Art Online, including this Hollow Fragment game. Players who have not watched the anime altogether will also be given a summary of the story. However, the main story presented is a spin-off, or in other words are not so related to the story in the anime version.

This game presents a quite limited open world. Players will adventure in Aincrad, a fantasy world that consists of cities, dungeons, and floor. Floor here means every time a player successfully defeats the boss in a dungeon, players can visit the next town. Following a story in the anime, players will start adventure from level 76. There are 24 levels that must be resolved to end the game.

This game also provides another main mission, for example Hollow Mission. This is for a mission that will not meet in the animated series. Unfortunately, this mission does not make a player so curious. The main reason is because the delivery of mission objectives and direction for the characters in action look less obvious. This led to the custom maps for Hollow Mission fairly broad unattractive.

Like the other role-playing games, players will play as Kirito, the main character who was also present in the anime version. Players are also given the freedom to change the look of the characters as you wish. No job is offered for all the characters act as a swordsman, which sets them apart is the use of different types of weapons that led to the selection of specific skills in order to increase the attacks or the status of the characters. No hassle, improving the status of the characters is done automatically whenever the player level up.

Three-dimensional graphics that carried may not be special, but it managed to represent the Sword Art Online fantasy world well. Although arguably the game space is limited and monotonous, players can still feel exciting adventure, thanks to the interaction between the characters that are quite interesting.

In this case, the number of conversations that were presented quite a lot, and this is already a part of Japanese RPGs. At the FMV or video footage, visual appearance is made differently, using cell-shaded technology. This becomes an advantage because the trailer also presents a story that has never been seen by fans of the animated movie.

Sword Art Online is an Action-RPG game worth playing, especially if you're a fan of anime Sword Art Online. Although it has some flaws, this game can at least represent a curiosity for those who were looking forward to a variety of interesting stories contained in the anime.